The Development-ARC, founded in 2014, is an international initiative to provide students, teachers and researchers in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria with relevant academic reading materials that will help them to redefine existing fundamental values as well as empower them towards concrete improvements of their lives and environment.

At present the centre houses 23,000 academic, reference and vocational books, journals and encyclopedias of the in total 110,000 donated academic books, and only 17,600 students of the 200,000 higher education students in the region have access to the academic resource centre.

How It Started

Deeply concerned about the hardships of his early years. The initiator, Paul Oviawe, started looking for scholarly solutions to reducing poverty in the Niger Delta region.

Dedicated Supporters

An international network of supporters, that includes renowned universities in The Netherlands.

Challenging Task

Help over 200.000 students and academics to redefine their fundamental values and work together towards concrete improvements of lives and environments.

Collective Effort

A vast, well-thought and life-changing project in education, which is supported by an international network of trusted volunteers.

Student Community

A region with over 200.000 higher-education students and academics with little or no academic readers and scholarly information.

We Need Your Support..